Date: June 25, 2017

Bible Text: James 1:17-18 |


James, writing to Christians who were persecuted for believing in Jesus, tells them "every good and perfect gift is from above".  God's gifts to us are only good, even the challenging and difficult ones.   God's gifts are also perfect, exactly what we need for our maturity, exactly what we need to shave off the rough edges of our character.  Every good and perfect gift comes from an unchangeably good God.

Sometimes God's goodness is questioned because of all the bad in our world.  But, if God were to eliminate everything bad in our world, that would involve getting rid of us, because none of us is perfectly good.  Instead of eliminating us, God chose to offer us forgiveness in Jesus as a gift.  God is better than we can imagine, and He wants the very best for us!

There is no audio of the sermon.  The service was held at Rose Lake Park.