Date: April 28, 0019

Bible Text: Luke 2:41-52 |


Where Are You At Home?

Luke is writing an accurate, utterly reliable, account of the life and teachings of Jesus. In the 30 years between Jesus’ birth and his adult ministry years, Luke gives us the only story we have, when Jesus is 12 years old.

Already, by 12, Jesus had a pretty good grasp of his identity, as God the Father’s Son. This compelled Jesus to be in his Father’s house, and about his Father’s business. Yet Jesus was also an obedient son to Joseph and Mary. He lived in 2 worlds, with 2 homes, and 2 fathers. He had human and divine allegiances, but Jesus’ ultimate allegiance was to his heavenly Father. Christians also have dual allegiances. Are we aware of our identity as God’s child? Are we compelled to be about our Father’s business? If we examined ourselves, deep down on the level of soul, what would we find?