Date: April 10, 2022

Bible Text: John 19:25-30 |

Jesus' 7 last words were some of the most important words He spoke.

  1. Jesus spoke a radical prayer of forgiveness for His enemies.
  2. He answered the prayer of a criminal and promised him paradise, starting that day.
  3. He spoke with raw honesty about feeling forsaken, yet He knew there was a hope-filled future.
  4. Jesus initiated a new family that included all those who do God's will. Application thought: Is there someone who needs me to be family to them?
  5. In Jesus' humanity, He was thirsty, and He is our source of spiritual refreshment. Application thoughts: How spiritually thirsty are you? The godliest people are the thirstiest for God.
  6. As Jesus handed over His life to His Father, open access to God became available. That closeness to God is to motivate us to serve Him, Hebrews 10:19-24.
  7. Jesus finished all the work His Father planned for Him. May we finish well the work God has for us.