Date: December 1, 2019

Bible Text: Luke 1:5-25 |


John the Baptist is often undervalued, but he is significant to God’s plan of salvation. In a word, his role was to bring revival in pointing people to Jesus. There are multiple lessons from the lives of Zachariah and Elizabeth and John the Baptist. 1. God is involved in our world and He uses ordinary people. 2. Like John, every believer is to point people to Jesus. 3. God doesn’t forget our prayers. His timing is rarely our own, but it’s worth the wait. 4. Human life begins in the womb, Luke 1:15. 5. Godly, blameless people can still have doubts. Trusting God by faith never ends. 6. Don’t assume you’re too old for God to use. Keep living faithfully. 7. God can change our circumstances and overturn helpless situations in His time. May we learn multiple lessons from his life.