Date: November 14, 2021

Bible Text: Colossians 1:2-8 |

Epaphras, was a model servant. He had 8 characteristics of a servant of God.

NOTE: MOTIVE IS EVERYTHING. Two people will do the same service; one will receive a reward in the heaven. The other has all the reward he will ever get, men’s admiration.  See Corinthians 3:12-15

1. Col. 1:7 He was a follower of Christ. Col. 3:23, Whatever you do, do as to the Lord. The book of John explains, Jesus did only what his Father told him to do.

2. Col. 4:12 a commoner” Epaphras was “one of you.”

3. Col. 4: 7-15 he kept good company.

4. Col. 4:12 he was always laboring in prayer.

5. He had great connections. Col. 1:6 “the grace of God” he was part of something bigger than himself.

6. Col. 1:7 Communicate: Be a giver. Epaphras served and he taught by example.

7. Col. 4:13 Paul said, “I vouch for him” true servants of God have credibility, even when no one is looking.

8. Philemon 23 Epaphras was willing to pay the price. There is a cost to being a servant. Paul said, “my fellow prisoner” People will say unkind things.

Will we be bondservants to Jesus and Jehovah? To both God and the Lamb? See Revelations 22:3-5.