Date: December 15, 2019

Bible Text: Luke 1:39-56 |


In Mary’s song of praise for her child, her song speaks of 3 of the revolutions of God. 1. A Moral Revolution – Christianity is the death of pride. There is no room for selfish, boastful, arrogant, look-at-me pride. God scatters the proud, Luke 1:51. 2. A Social Revolution – Christianity puts an end to societies’ labels and status. There are no “ordinary” people, we’re all eternal beings. God lifts up the humble, Luke 1:52. 3. An Economic Revolution – Christianity does not envy prosperity. Resources are shared, and stewarded. God cares for the hungry, Luke 1:53. Humble brokenness is what God wants. Daily dependence with overflow to others is how God blesses us, and others