Date: December 22, 2019

Bible Text: Luke 1:57-80 |


Humans view life in days, months, and events. God lives beyond and outside time. However, when God enters time-bound human history He has a plan that spans thousands of years. 4000 years ago, God made a covenant with Abraham to bless him, and bless the world through him. In entering an intimate (love), binding (law) covenant God did it all, Genesis 15:17-18a. God took responsibility for His part and Abraham’s part. God took the covenant so seriously that when Abraham (and his descendants) failed to love and obey God, God paid the price. God’s Son, Jesus, was crucified, cursed and forsaken to uphold the covenant commitment. God is a faithful, covenant keeping God. He has a grand plan for our good and His glory. That plan is still unfolding!