Date: April 24, 2022

Bible Text: Matthew 18 |


God answers the question in Matthew 18:1, "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?"

  1. Become as a child, care for the children, live a life of good example - the children are watching.
  2. Recognize how serious sin is, Jesus is not saying to literally gouge out your eye. He is saying sin is so serious, it would be better to be blind than to live in sin.
  3. Be faithful to your brothers and sisters in Christ, if they stray, reach out and help them. This is referring to the sheep of the flock, not those outside the flock. We must care enough about each other to reach out and help them back.
  4. If your brother sins against you, the steps to take to bring reconciliation between ourselves and other in the family of God are clearly listed. If he/she does not accept the hand of love then they most likely aren't among the saved and you need to treat them like a nonbeliever and witness to the love of Jesus so they can be in the Kingdom.
  5. We must forgive as we are forgiven. Peter is rather proud of himself as he asked, "should I forgive my brother up to seven times?" Jesus tells him no, you just keep on forgiving, as God keeps on forgiving you. And then Jesus tells the story of the king who forgives a debt of 10 thousand talents. The man who had this debt forgiven, then goes out and without mercy has a man who owes him only 100 denarii, thrown in jail. The moral, be like the King - BE LIKE JESUS.

These above behaviors are how we become great in the Kingdom of God.