Date: July 3, 2022

Bible Text: Ephesians 2:1-7 |


God doesn't love us based on our behavior, Romans 5:6-11. God made it clear, beyond question, that He loved us even when we were His enemy. God demonstrated His love by sending Jesus, not just to dies for us, but to be condemned in our place. God did this because He is rich in mercy, Ephesians 2:4. Jesus embodies grace, Titus 2:11. It will take eternity for God to express the riches of His grace in kindness to us in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:7. If we did one thing, in response to God's goodness, come to Jesus, Matthew 11:28. All the goodness of God doesn't benefit you unless you come. Another challenge is to imitate God in His goodness. "Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful." Luke 6:35-36.