Date: July 4, 2021

Bible Text: Daniel 3:8-23 |


King Nebuchadnezzar, limitless power and wealth, contracted the building of a 90 foot gold statue of himself. At the sound of the worship music, everyone was to bow and worship the image. But Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah refused to bow. As a punishment for defying the king, they were to be burned alive. They were to be burned alive. They hadn't done anything. They were being loyal and faithful to God. Yet, God allowed them to be tested with their life. They knew God had the power to rescue them from the flames, but they didn't know how God would respond. And, they didn't pray for a miracle. They trusted the Miracle Worker. Their God (and ours) was worthy of any sacrifice they might need to make. God is worthy of all our honor, praise, adoration and love. Our enjoyment of God and our experience with God is made complete when we worship and acknowledge His worth!