Date: June 18, 2017

Bible Text: James 1:13-18 |


How do we deal with temptations?  In preparing for temptations:  1.  Fill up yourself with godly things;  2.  Avoid tempting situations;  3.  Die to yourself;  4.  Pray for help;  5.  Nurture a close Christian friend; and 6.  Anticipate tempting situations.  In resisting temptations:  1.  Flee, run;  2.  When in doubt, don't do it;  3.  Pray for strength;  4.  Resist with the Bible;  5.  Friends pray for us; and  6.  Restore gently.  There are specific things you can do if you want to.  Who's will will you follow?  God has your best interest in mind.  Trust Him!