Date: October 2, 2022

Bible Text: Luke 7:36-50 |

Are we desperate for Jesus? This woman was desperate, broken hearted and remorseful of her sins. This woman demonstrated her true faith in Jesus Christ, out of desperation  she washes Jesus' feet, with her hair she wipes Jesus' feet, she kisses Jesus' feet and pours expenses perfume on Jesus' feet.
Who would you be in this story? The Prostitute, The Proud Patriarch Pharisee, or The Perfect Priest Jesus. The Prostitute who gave her all to Jesus because of her faith, or the Proud Patriarch Pharisee who did not grasp that Jesus was God. Are we desperate for Jesus? Are we willing to give our
all for Jesus? Are we willing to go in front of others and admit our sins? Jesus always turns his attention to desperate people. God can change our lives projection. The one that seems farthest away from God maybe the closest to God.