Date: September 26, 2021

Bible Text: Daniel 8:1-14 |


In the second Daniel’s second vision, God gave Daniel a detailed look at the future. The Medo-Persian empire (the ram) led by Cyrus the Great would conquer Babylon. Then Greece (the goat) led by Alexander the Great would defeat Persia. Then a horn would grow in power, representing Antiochus Epiphanes. Antiochus would try to stamp out Judaism as a way of unifying the Greek Empire. He sacrificed a pig on the alter and destroyed the sacred Torah scrolls. He murdered thousands of Jews. The hope that Daniel’s vision held was a subdued hope. Some day in God’s timing, the persecution and suffering will end and the temple worship will be restored. Many Jews risked their lives to worship God. May our faith be so much a part of our lives, that we too would be willing to risk all to stand firm in our beliefs.