Northwest Food Pantry

Food Pantry

Overview: The Northwest Osceola Food Pantry is a community organization, supported by area churches, civic groups, and grants. They provide food on an emergency and temporary basis, for those in need and who reside within the service area. They serve the “Pine River Area School District” area. The food pantry is closed when the schools are closed due to in-climate weather and national holidays.  The food pantry is located in the basement of the Augustinian Lutheran Church in Tustin, MI. The food pantry is open every Monday from 9:00 am to 12:00 (noon).   Families are allowed to come 6 time per year and only one time in a month.

Food Pantry2

How you can serve: All workers are volunteers and you can volunteer too. You may volunteer to work the Food Pantry on Mondays when they are open, or you may want to donate food.

Contact: Northwest Osceola Food Pantry, PO Box 198, 18499 20 Mile Rd. Tustin, MI  49688  Phone:231-829-3457