Angel Tree




Overview: Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program is the only nationwide effort that specifically reaches out to hundreds of thousands of innocent children who carry the heavy burden of their parents’ incarceration throughout the year. At Christmastime, Angel Tree introduces prisoners and their children to Jesus and brings healing and restoration to families destroyed by crime.
Through the delivery of a Christmas gift and the Gospel given on behalf of the incarcerated parent, Angel Tree boys and girls are presented with Christ’s free gift of salvation, feel loved and remembered by their parent, and experience the simple joys of the Christmas season. Angel Tree also provides ministry to the children through its summer camping program and promotes family reconciliation through discipleship and mentoring.

This year (2016) our church was able to help 16 kids, 12 different families with the Angel Tree Program through Prison Fellowship. What a blessing it is to know we helped these children receive gifts from there incarcerated parents! Each child received a booklet called Book of Hope which is age appropriate and explains the path to salvation. Also, this year the families were given post cards that they could send in to receive a free Bible from Prison Fellowship.

How you can serve: It starts with a gift! Give a child the gift of love from a incarcerated parent.

Contact: Prison Fellowship, 44180 Riverside Parkway, Lansdowne, VA 20176, Phone: (800) 55-ANGEL (2-6435)      Website: