Summary “Sacrificial Offering” March 3, 2019

4 Offering Lessons

  1. Death is required to forgive sin.
  2. Offer your best.
  3. The innocent can substitute for the guilty.
  4. Guilt can be forgiven & the relationship restored.

Understanding Jesus’ Death

  1. Jesus’ death, once and for all, was required to forgive us.
  2. God the Father gave His very best!
  3. Perfect, innocent, Jesus can be our substitute.
  4. You can have a forgiven & restored relationship with God  through Jesus.

A Sin Offering involves confession & forgiveness of sin. It is always meant to be accompanied by repentance – turning away from sin.

A Guilt Offering (Trespass Offering) was given when you hurt someone else by your sin. It was followed by making restitution for your wrong.

A Burnt Offering was an expression of devotion, commitment, and complete surrender to God. The entire offering (except the skin) was burned up, representing complete forgiveness and dedication.

A Grain Offering (Cereal or Meal Offering) was offered as an expression of devotion to God, recognizing His goodness and provision. 

A Fellowship/Peace (Heave, Wave Offering) symbolized peace between God and people, and the inner peace that results. The offerer had fellowship with God. The offerer could eat part of the offering.

3 Kinds of Peace Offerings;

  1. Thanks for special blessing.
  2. Votive offering in connection to a vow.
  3. Freewill Offerings expressing love, worship & praise to God.

The Sequence of Offerings

First, sin had to be dealt with (Sin & Guilt Offerings).

Second, complete commitment to God was made (Burnt & Grain Offerings).

Third, people had peace with God. They celebrated (Fellowship/Peace Offerings).

Worshipping God (being in His presence) brings:

  1. Joy
  2. Reverent fear and awe of God.

Thoughts to Ponder:

The three most powerful words in any relationship are “I am Sorry.”

Wayne and Mary Sotile, Beat Stress Together (1998)