Our library is organized across 3 locations.  Most of the collection is in the 2 closets in the Fellowship Room to the left of the Kitchen doors. The closet on the left contains Fiction books, the closet on the right contains Nonfiction (top shelves), Youth (middle shelves) and Children’s (bottom shelves) books. The bookcase in the Conference Room holds both Bible Reference books and Small Group Study Materials. 

Borrowing Materials
You are welcome to take home materials. The Bible Reference books (Dictionaries, Commentaries, etc.) are for use at church.  You do not need to sign items out. There is not a fixed schedule for return, though 1-3 weeks is suggested. Return materials by placing in the boxes labeled “Returns and Donations”, these boxes are on the floor of both closets. 

The Library intentionally offers books that are Christian in theme.  The Fiction collection is largely historical fiction and romance with some science fiction. The Nonfiction collection contains biographies, humor, and topics ranging from grief/loss, prayer, and relationships, to development of specific spiritual gifts and/or attributes. Some books are OLD CLASSICS, some are newer.

The Library welcomes your donated books, gently used or new. If you have a book that is deliberately written to encourage a person in their relationship with God, the Library is interested in considering it! We also consider if the book is in agreement with the Bible’s teachings. If a book or series is available at most Public Libraries, we likely would not make space for it. Please place donations in one of the boxes labeled “Returns and Donations” located on the floor of both closets. If you would like the book returned to you if the Library does not plan to add it to the collection, include a note with your name and contact information.  A notice of book titles we would like to add to the Library will generally be found posted on the inside of the Library’s closet doors.

Reference Library