April 7, 2019 “Be Open Handed”

Summary: God ordered time on a weekly cycle of working 6 days and resting 1 day. He also ordered time on a sabbatical cycle of working the land 6 years and letting the land rest in year 7. Also in year 7 debts to fellow Israelites were to be cancelled thus allowing for endebted slaves to go free. Furthermore, God wanted the attitude behind the action to be generous and openhanded. Being tightfisted and hardhearted is sinful. God still wants us to be openhanded motivated by Christ’s love. 1 John 3:16-18.

Scripture Reading :Deuteronomy 15:1-11

March 24, 2019 “The Danger in Comparing”

Summary: God promised to give the land of Caanan to Abraham’s descendants, the Israelites. Why could He do this? 1. God is the Creator and owner of everything; 2. God was judging the Caananites for their sin; 3. God was setting the Israelites apart from all other nations; and 4. There was provision for Caananites to turn to God. As for the ability of the Israelites to conquer the land, they needed to rely on God. Always factor God into every challenging situation you face.

Scripture Reading: Numbers 13:26-33

March 17, 2019 “God, The Center of Life”

It is important to let the whole Bible, the Old and New Testaments, inform our understanding of God. The Bible describes God acting in loving and merciful ways, but it also describes harsher actions like wrath and judgement. All of God’s actions come from His perfect character. God is holy, set apart, one of a kind, pure, nonesuch, unequaled, rare, the greatest, matchless, not safe, and very good. And this God wants to be in the center of our flawed and messy lives.

Scripture Reading – Numbers 1:44-54

March 10, 2019: “Festivals to Celebrate”

God is interested in how we use our time, and He has a claim on our time. God has ordered time for us on a weekly cycle. Have purposeful rest one day in seven, and several times a year set aside special times for God. 1. Have focused time on God. Remember what He has done and how He has provided for your physically and spiritually. 2. Remember the community nature of our faith. Our faith is personal but not private. We need each other. 3. Stop working to rest and celebrate. Because God is in charge you can rest and celebrate His goodness.

Scripture Reading: Leviticus 23:33-44

Sermon Length:34:55

March 3, 2019: “Offerings to God”

The most important words in any relationship are “I am sorry.” When God set up the sacrificial offering system for the Israelites it was a way to say “I am sorry” and restore the damaged relationship with God and others. God’s holiness cannot ignore sin, but the good news is that our guilt can be forgiven and our relationship restored. It’s a costly forgiveness, requiring shed blood and the giving of a life. The sacrificial offering system paved the way for the coming of Jesus and his death on the cross for us.

Scripture Reading: Leviticus 9:1-24

Sermon Length:37:42

February 17, 2019: ” Do Justice and Mercy”

Summary: How does God want us to live? He tells us in the Bible, but sometimes it takes discernment to know if or how something applies to our life today. Some Old Testament laws and teachings do not apply because Christ has fulfilled them (Matthew 5:17), some laws do apply and are binding on us (Ephesians 6:1-2), and sometimes there is an underlying principle to follow (1 Corinthians 9:9-10). Let the Bible guide and direct the way you live.

Scripture Reading: Exodus 23:1-9

Sermon Length: 26:31

February 10, 2019: “Grumbling is Not a Small Thing”

Summary: How confident are you that God’s got your back, that He’s watching out for you? When everything is going well it’s easy to trust God, but when life gets difficult it’s easier to complain. The Israelite people had a pattern of grumbling when life got hard. What we may not realize is that grumbling is actually addressed to God (Exodus 16;7). You’re complaining that God doesn’t care and provide well enough. Try going 24 hours without complaining. Ask God to transform your personality into a more grateful, God-confident person.

Scripture Reading: Exodus 17:1-7

Sermon Length: 26:12

February 3, 2019: “The Results of a Hard Heart”

Summary: Physically, the most important muscle in our body is our heart.  That’s true spiritually as well.  Proverbs 4:23 tells us above all else to guard, protect and defend your heart.  Be vigilant not to stray away from God.  The pharaoh of Egypt hardened his heart repeatedly.  God eventually gave him over to his own choices, (Romans 1) and God also hardened his heart.  No one can run from God, and harden their heart without consequences.  That’s why the Bible urges us to guard our heart!

Scripture Reading: Exodus 14:13-31

Sermon Length: 24:26