March 13, 2016 “Esther, A Woman of Courage”

Esther layed it all on the line for her people. She trusted God and risked her life. We too are called to live by faith – who knows, perhaps your step of faith is exactly what God has planned for you. Laying it all on the line for Christ is a trade up. You give your life for something and Someone that outlasts your life!

Scripture Reference:  Esther 4:1-17

Sermon length – 37:33

March 6, 2016 “Nehemiah, Stepping into a Crisis”

Faced with an overwhelming task of rebuilding Jerusalem’s defensive walls, Nehemiah dealt with issues of motivation, fatigue and criticism. Nehemiah survived both opposition and apathy.

Accomplishing A Goal
1.) Motivated by Identity
2.) Intense Prayer
3.) Wait for God’s timing
4.) Bold, detailed plans  . . . and more plans
5.) Rely on God when faced with opposition
6.) Get ownership – buy in
7.) Brief, honest prayer in facing opposition
8.) Protect your progress
9.) Continue to encourage
10.) Don’t avoid people’s needs
11.) See the plan through, amid risks
12.) Celebrate success                                                

Scripture Reference: Nehemiah 1:1-11

Length -35:30

February 28, 2016 “Samuel, Rebuilder of a Nation”

Samuel transitioned the nation of Israel from the leadership of Judges to a King. But more than that, he united the people under their heavenly king, the LORD God. Starting in junior high, Samuel listened to God and followed what God told him. As a result, God used him over and over again. Following the Lord means we fear (respect), serve and obey Him. If the Lord is not #1 in your life are you moving in that direction?       

Scripture Reference:  1 Samuel 3:1-21
Length – 29:05

February 21, 2016 “Gideon, Obsessed with God’s Will”

Gideon was a courageous, but cautions man. His life was a mix of exclamation marks and question marks. His obedience to God always needed some tangible reassurance – a sign. May our life be characterized more by exclamation marks that question marks. Healthy caution is okay, but don’t let caution always have the last word. Follow God out of your comfort zone.

Scripture Reference: Judges 6:7-17
Length – 40:06


February 14, 2016 “Joshua, An Officer and a Gentleman”

God told Joshua to be strong, have conviction and confidence in your great resources (God’s presence and power), and have courage, be resolute and brave. We need that same strength and courage to face the challenges of life.

Scripture Reference – Joshua 5:13-6:5
Length-  36:24


Febrary 7, 2016 “Survivor, Lessons from the Desert”

When the Israelites left Egypt they didn’t go straight to the Promise Land. They weren’t ready. God gave them the 10 commandments and other instructions first. Then, when they doubted that God would give them the land, they were punished by wandering in the desert 40 years. God means what He says. Trust Him to do what He says.

Scripture Reference; Numbers 14:26-35
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January 31, 2016 “Pharaoh, Working Against God”

When Moses and Aaron confronted the Pharaoh (likely Amunhotep II) things got worse before they got better. God doesn’t promise immediate results. When the plagues started, the Pharaoh’s magicians could copy the first two. All experiences, even miraculous ones, need to be interpreted. Don’t assume they’re from God. Hard-hearted Pharaoh learned the hard way that God is #1 in all the earth. He will not settle for 2nd place. Let’s perpetually be softhearted and receptive to the living God.

Scripture Reference: Exodus 7:1-13
Length 33:55


January 24, 2016 “Moses, the Reluctant Leader”

God called Moses to lead the Israelite’s out of slavery in Egypt. He was a reluctant leader. He had questions and excuses for God. But when he disqualified himself, God became angry. Our limitless God gives us what we need, to do what he asks. Listen to Him. Depend on His enabling. God will be faithful to be whatever we need Him to be.

Scripture Reference: Exodus 3:1-11
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January 17, 2016 “God’s Trustworthy Hand on Joseph”

Joseph kept his dreams in mind, dreams of God’s plan for his life, and he trusted God would fulfill those dreams. In spite of hatred from his brothers, and 13 years of slavery and imprisonment, Joseph walked the high road. He chose to focus and dwell on the good intentions of God rather that the harm of others. We have that same choice. Choose to trust God who directs your life for good.

Scripture Reference: Genesis 50:15-21
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January 10, 2016 “God’s Relentless Pursuit of Jacob”

God has a plan for your life, see Jeremiah 29:11; Ephesians 2:10; Philippians 1:16. God patiently worked out His plan for Jacob, and Jacob was 97 years old when God broke his self-sufficiency. “Desperation leads to transformation,” and that was true for Jacob. God wants all of us to be humbly depend on Him. Yield to His plan for you!

Scripture Reference – Genesis 28:10-22
No Audio is available for this sermon.