Sept. 29, 2019 – Natural and Supernatural Power

Scripture: Luke 8:22-39

Summary: The scope and scale of Jesus’ miracles in Luke 8:22-39 is astonishing. Jesus can control stormy weather! No one does this. In a storm you seek shelter and wait it out… but not Jesus. Also, Jesus has authority over a legion of demons, an extreme case of possession! Jesus is far more than a wonderful teacher and healer. He did things only God can do! In these two stories, people reacted to Jesus in 3 ways: 1. Fear (reverence) and amazement of Jesus; 2. Fear and wanting to be left alone; and 3. Wanting to get more of Jesus. What is your reaction to Jesus? Being neutral is not an option.

Sept. 22, 2019 – A Persevering Crop

Scripture: Luke 8:4-21

Summary: At any given time, the receptiveness of our heart will determine our response to God’s Word. Using a farming metaphor, if our heart is like hard-packed soil the seed of God’s Word won’t grow. If our heart is like rocky ground with no root system, our beliefs won’t survive the testing and challenges of life. If our heart is surrounded by thorns (even good things), the thorns will choke out God’s Word. If our heart is good soil, humble and teachable, God’s Word (the seed) will grow and, over time, by perseverance, a crop and legacy will be left behind! 

Sept. 15, 2019 – What Do You See?

Scripture: Luke 7:36 – 8:3

Summary: All of us need ongoing forgiveness because we all continually sin. Yet, God’s love, grace, and forgiveness is greater than all our sin. The sinful woman, likely a prostitute, that came to Simon the Pharisee’s house was forgiven all her sins. Her faith in Jesus resulted in her forgiveness and salvation. In response to this she showed Jesus her extravagant love and appreciation. When we have been forgiven a lot, in gratitude, we love a lot.

Sept. 8, 2019 – Actions Speak Louder

Scripture: Luke 7:18-35


     All of history revolves around Jesus. Our calendars are dated B.C. – Before Christ, and A.D. – In the year of our Lord. Before Christ was an age of preparation and after Christ was an age of fulfillment, God’s kingly reign began. Christ’s death on the cross dealt a fatal blow to humanities greatest enemy, death, sin, and the devil. The world needed/needs a savior/messiah more than anything else.

     When John the Baptist wanted assurance that Jesus was the Messiah, Jesus said tell John what you have seen and heard (Luke 7:22). By observation, you can tell if Christ is the real thing. Can people look at our life and tell if we’re a Christian? Is it obvious?