July 14, 2019 “How is Your Bedside Manner?”

Scripture: Luke 5:27-39

Summary: Of all the people in Palestine in Jesus/ day, tax collectors were the most hated. Yet, Jesus invited the tax collector Matthew to be among his closest followers. Jesus’ rationale was that sick people (sinners) need a doctor to get well. Jesus loved and accepted Matthew, and all people who had a negative label, (Matthew 11:19). Furthermore, Jesus wanted sick people to become well, he wanted sinners to repent and turn toward spiritual health. May we follow Jesus’ example and have a good, loving, gracious bedside manner toward the sick.


July 7, 2019 “Who is Jesus Really?”

Scripture Reading: Luke 5:12-26

Sermon Summary: Who is Jesus? Most Americans believe He was a historical person, and everything else is debatable. Dr. Luke tells us who Jesus is. He’s an authoritative teacher, an expert on life. Jesus has authority to heal and cast out demons, He has the power to command. Jesus can cure the incurable in an instant. And Jesus has the legitimate authority of God to forgive sins. Who is Jesus to you? Is He God? Does it make a difference in how you live your life?