Sep. 1, 2019 – Death – Not So Final

Scripture: Luke 7:1-17

Summary: We sometimes hear, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes”, but is death as final as we think? In the Old Testament, there are some rare examples of the dead coming to life. Also, in Jesus’ ministry death is sometimes reversed. The Centurion’s servant is the first example of Jesus raising the dead, but it will not be the last. Jesus has authority over death! Death cannot exist where Jesus is!

Aug. 11, 2019 – What It Means To Follow Jesus

Scripture: Luke 6:39-49

Summary: Like exams and tests at a hospital, Jesus probes into our life with parables and word pictures. Are you a true disciple of Jesus? How’s your eyesight? What fruit are you producing? Are you becoming like your teacher, Jesus? What are you storing up? How’s your spiritual foundation? Will your foundation support you in the storms of life? How much of God do you want? True disciples don’t just listen to Jesus, they listen and do.

Aug. 4, 2019 – Uncalculated Generosity

Scripture: Luke 6:27-38

Summary: Some aspects of Christianity are radical. Jesus told His disciples they may face poverty, hunger, grief, being hated and rejected all because they follow Him. Jesus asks His followers to do what goes against our natural, self-centered inclination. He told disciples to love the unworthy, to do good to those who hate you, to not seek revenge and pray for people who mistreat you. Disciples think more of the rights of others than their own. They have an ongoing attitude of giving and loving. Disciples don’t have a critical, dismissive view of people’s failures, rather they are under-standing and compassionate. Disciples overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).