May 29, 2016 “Stephen:Bold for God”

Faith is trusting in God, confidence in His reliability. As you get to know God more, your faith grows. And, when you exercise faith, God is pleased with you. Stephen faced persecution with “the face of an angel” (Acts 6:15). He had child-like dependence on Christ to the very end. Even as he was being stoned to death, he prayed for forgiveness for those who were stoning him. The early church grew under such persecution.

Scripture reference: Acts 7:51-8:4

Sermon length – 32:09


May 22, 2016 “Jeremiah: Prophet to the Disobedient”

People resist change, even if it’s change for the good. Jeremiah was a prophet to the nation of Judah, warning them to turn back to God. When Judah refused to change the Babylonians destroyed their nation as a judgment from God. We too have a choice to follow God or not. In actuality, that will be thousands of smaller day by day choices to trust and follow God. Every choice counts, because choices count up.

Scripture reference: Jeremiah 26:1-11

Sermon length – 28:22

May 15, 2016 – “Daniel: Didn’t Cave Under Pressure”

Daniel, in his early 20’s was taken captive to Babylon. Working in the government for 60 + years under four different kings, Daniel earned long-term respect. He was trustworthy, not corrupt, and not negligent in his work. He continually served the living God. He was consistent and committed in his faith, respectful of others, and recumbent (leaning upon God) as he faced circumstances out of his control.

Scripture reference: Daniel 6:1-11

Sermon length – 34:41

May 8, 2016 ” Dorcas: A Woman of Charity

Dorcas’s biography can be summed up in this, she was always doing good and helping the poor. She devoted her life to helping vulnerable, needy people by making coats/cloaks for them. In her service she reflected the heart of God for those less fortunate. There are no ordinary people!

Scripture Reference: Acts 9:36-43

Sermon length – 28:27

May 1, 2016 “Noah: Standing Alone for God”

Faith is confidence in God, trust in His reliability. Noah was a hero of faith, a righteous man who followed God’s will to the extreme. There was no middle ground compromise for Noah. Are we all in with following God? Can we preserver even if we had to stand alone? When we follow Noah’s example and live by faith, God is pleased.

Scripture Reference: Genesis 6:5-22

Sermon length – 26:03



April 24, 2016 “Able The First Martyr for Truth”

Faith is confidence in God for what you hope for, it is trust in God for what you cannot see. The better you know God the stronger your faith/trust will be. And, every act of faith pleases God.

Able was a man of faith because his heart was right with God. He was righteous, meaning he lived according to God’s will. Faith didn’t guarantee him long life (Genesis 4:8), but God has good things planned for all people of faith.

Scripture reference: Hebrews 11:1-6, 13-16

Sermon length – 25:33