July 3, 2016 “Prayer: The Power and Peace of God”

Pray for God’s help to renew your mind and actively do your part to renew your mind, revive your brain. When we pray God gives us a peace, a peace that puts our mind and heart at ease. Anxiety is traded for peace!  Prayer exists to do what’s not natural, what’s not humanly possible.

Ask …Petition God … God moves in response to prayer.

Scripture reference: Philippians 4:4-7

Sermon length – 29:44

June 26, 2016 “Evidence of a Changed Heart”

Pray for the sensitivity to feel the inner tug of the Holy Spirit. Gods’ Spirit leads us day by day. Philip, in the Bible, was led to travel to Gaza where he met an Ethiopian. Through Philip, the Ethiopian placed his faith in Jesus and was baptized. Baptism was outward evidence of a changed heart. Pray for the Holy Spirit to use you.

Scripture reference: Acts 8:26-39

Sermon length – 16:04

June 19, 2016 “The Importance of Christ”

Galatians 2:20 is personal (I, me). Reflect on it for your own life. Have you died to yourself? Are your eyes focused on Christ? Is Christ directing your life? We live by reasoned faith/trust in the Son of God who loves us no matter what. Love is strong and pushes through hurts and wrongs. God loves messy people!

Scripture reference: Galatians 2:11-21

Sermon length – 29:59


June 12, 2016 “How to Start the Christian Walk”

An unrenewed mind is darkened and thinks foolishly. We need the Holy Spirit to renew our mind, but we can also train our mind to think “Christianly” by developing godly habits. You can literally rewire your brain with God’s Word. The memory verse, Romans 6:23 is an outline for becoming a Christian. When the counterfeit pleasures of sin are exposed, the wage paid is death, forfeiting eternal life. The gracious gift of God is never-ending life, incomparable riches of grace and kindness in Christ. All God offers is in gift form. Receive it!

Scripture reference: Romans 6:15-23

Sermon length – 36:02


June 5, 2016 “The Importance of the Bible”

We don’t grow spiritually through just having more information. We grow when we develop a new habit. Memorizing Bible verses is a fundamental way to build a godly habit. James 1:25 challenges us to make a habit of being in God’s word, not just to know it, but to do it. We will be blessed as we live out God’s Word.

Scripture reference: James 1:22-25

Sermon length -32:24