March 19, 2017 “Give Thanks . . . Again”

If we look at the world and our circumstances from God’s point of view we will see that all of life has been given to us as a gift from God. When you receive a gift your first response is thanks. Thanksgiving may well be the most important activity we do when we recognize that all we are and have comes from God. Focus on what’s important. Focus on thanksgiving.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5:15-20

Sermon Length – 23:31

March 12, 2017 “Be Thankful”

The Bible teaches us 1) to be thankful for what God gives us – His creation, Himself, and uneventful days (mostly); 2) to be thankful for who God is; and 3) to live, regardless of your circumstances, as a thankful person. Replacing a complaining attitude with a thankful attitude is , according to John Calvin, the chief exercise of godliness. Strive to be that person who overflows with thanksgiving.

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 4:6-7

Sermon Length – 24:25

March 5, 2017 “Your Attitude Matters”

Your attitude is important! Complaining actually angers God. It sends the message that God is not being good and providing for you. Annoying and unsatisfying circumstance may be the very trails God is using to mature your faith (James 1:2-4; Hebrews 12:17). Try to go 24 hours without complaining. Exchange a complaining attitude with a thankful attitude. Its your choice.

Scripture Reading: Numbers 11:1-10

Sermon Length – 23:57

February 19, 2017 “Unanswered Prayer”

With unanswered prayer remember: 1. God places a high value on honestly – tell Him your struggles; 2. God uses the waiting time of unanswered prayer (sometimes years) to shape our character and our prayers; 3. God often answers prayer through people; and 4. Consider God’s point of view.

Scripture Reading: Habakkuk 1:1-11

Sermon Length – 37:25

February 12, 2017 “Why Pray?”

There is mystery in prayer, it is not a mechanical thing. The mystery involves human freedom, natural laws, forces of evil and God’s restrained power. Yet, we pray because Jesus prayed, and Jesus still prays for us in heaven (Hebrews 7:24-25). Jesus prayed as if prayer made a difference. Prayer moves God. Pray like it’s your lifeline . . . because it is!

Scripture Reading: Luke 22:31-34

Sermon Length – 21:06