February 5, 2017 “Prayer – Untapped Power”

Prayer moves God, yet, He remains in control. God is not manipulated. In God’s noble excellence He decides how to respond to our prayers. Dr. E. Stanley Jones said, “God has left certain things open to prayer – things which will never be done except as we pray.” What is God waiting for you to ask for (James 4:2)? What is God waiting for you to pray about?

Scripture Reading: Mark 9:14-29

Sermon Length – 24:13

January 22, 2017 “Joy in God and His Creation”

Everyone wants joy and happiness. Many things give a measure of joy, but only God satisfies with full and lasting happiness (Psalms 16:11). By observing God’s creation we can see many reminders of God’s involvement and care for our world, for the good. Enjoy the Creator who opens up His hands and satisfies with good things (Psalms 104:28)!

Scripture Reading: Psalms 104:4, 24-34

Sermon Length – 24:03

January 15, 2017 “Joy: The Elusive Fruit”

The quality of your Christian life is totally influenced by your view of God. the joy we have, or avoid, hinges on a confidence that God is at work in our life for the good (Romans 8:28). Joy is not dependent on circumstances because it’s grounded in God. The surest way to quench your joy is to live your life with little thought of God. Is joy an elusive fruit, or is it real? The answer depends on your view of God!

Scripture Reading: Galatians 5:22-23

Sermon Length – 25:53

January 8, 2017 “Rejoice!”

God’s will for Christians is that they are joyful always, that they pray continually, and that they give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). These are commands. We can have settled joy, confident prayer and sincere thanks because we believe God is involved in our life, for the good (Romans 8:28). May we, like little children (Matthew 18:2-3), learn to be a bit more carefree and joy-filled because our heavenly Father is in charge. He will take care of His children!

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 14:22-29

Sermon Length – 28:42

January 1, 2017 “Put God First!”

When Hezekiah face a crisis he focused his attention on Worshiping God. Their worship was: A. a community experience, B. from willing hearts, C. with joy and music, D. in humility, E. with total commitment, F. with thanksgiving. Will we commit to putting God in first place in our life and keeping Him there in 2017?

Scripture Reading:2 Chronicles 29:1-11

Sermon Length – 34:41