November 11, 2018 “Live Worthy of the Gift”

Summary: In the spiritual war that Christians are in we put on God’s armor (godly character), and pray.  We pray a lot, on all occasions with all kinds of prayer.  Prayer reaches out to God for help.

Know who you are in Christ, know your identity as a child of God.  Out of this identity we live/walk.  From this character, we take our stand against evil.  May our core identity love Christ with an undying love, Ephesians 6:24.

Scripture Reading:  Ephesians: 6: 18-24

Sermon Length: 21:55

November 4, 2018 “God’s Armor: Salvation & the Bible”

Summary: Sometimes we’re in dramatic open warfare with Satan, but most of the time we are in a cold war, a constant state of hostility, with forces of evil.  We fight with truth, righteousness (right living), peace with God and peace with others, faith/trust in Christ, salvation and the sword of God’s word.  If you have entrusted your life to Christ you have assurance of eternal life.  Claim the promise of 1 John 5: 11-13.  And keep your sword sharp by daily being in the Bible.

Scripture Reading:  Ephesians: 6: 17-20

Sermon Length: 24:15

October 28, 2018 “God’s Armor: Peace & Faith”

Summary: God’s armor, to battle the schemes of the devil, is godly character.  We fight with truth against Satan’s lies.  We fight with righteousness – right living against the devil’s rebellious ways.  We fight with the good news of peace with God, and faith in Christ.  The devil tries to discourage us and tempts us to reject God, and delay making our peace with God, but we hold our ground by completely trusting Christ

Scripture Reading:  Ephesians: 6: 14-16

Sermon Length: 25:11

October 21, 2018 “God’s Armor: Truth & Righteousness”

Summary: We needs God’s armor because we do not fight a flesh and blood enemy.  Difficult and challenging people are not our real enemy.  We fight demonic powers, and the armor we fight with is truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation and the Word of God. Truth is especially important because Satan fights with lies.  Fighting with righteousness means we live rightly according to God’s will.  The armor we fight with is godly character.

Scripture Reading:  Ephesians: 6: 13-14

Sermon Length: 24:45

October 14, 2018 “Be Strong Against Evil”

Summary: If we have been walking worthy of our calling we will certainly face opposition.  Fight these battles by drawing our strength from Christ.  And, put on the armor of God, characteristics of God, to stand strong.  Satan is a schemer and he tries to trick us into turning away from following Christ.  As beloved children of God, stay so close to Christ that when the day of evil comes we can stand strong against the devils schemes.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians: 6:10-13

Sermon Length: 29:49

October 7, 2018 “The Unimportant Are Important”

Summary: The topic of slavery is complex.  In the Roman Empire virtually all work was done by slaves, from manual labor to doctor, teachers, and managers.  Upwards of 1/3 of the population were slaves.  Paul’s teaching didn’t’ destroy slavery, but it disrupted it.  And, the seeds for the abolition of slavery were planted.

Paul told slaves to sincerely obey their masters just as they would obey Christ.  Christianity doesn’t offer an escape from our circumstances.  Furthermore, whatever work we do should be good enough to show God.  Paul told masters to treat their slaves in the same way as slaves were told to treat their masters.  He reminded the masters they were slaves of Christ.  All Christians are slaves of Christ.  Live to please your Master Jesus Christ.

Scripture Reading:  Ephesians: 6: 5-9

Sermon Length: 26:43

September 30, 2018 “Live in Obedience, Honor and Respect”

Summary:  The Apostle Paul, addressing children directly, said freely choose to obey your parents like you would obey Christ.  More than this, honor and esteem your parents.  Children of all ages should live in a way that honors their parents and is a positive example in the community.

Parents are to give their children godly training and instruction in the Lord.  The church can help a lot with this.  Don’t minimize this foundational teaching.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 6: 1-4

Sermon Length: 24:39


September 23, 2018 “Live in Submission Part 2”

Summary: The Bible talks about the church (Christians) being the bride of Christ.  Husband’s are to love their wife like Christ loves His bride the church. Drawing a broader application from this, Christian men should promote the well-being of women and stand against the victimization of women wherever it occurs.  And, consider this application regarding Christ’s love for his bride, the church.  If Christ loved a very flawed, imperfect church enough to die for her, shouldn’t we, Christians, embrace Christ’s bride as well?  Shouldn’t we nurture, build up and care for the church?

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5: 21-33

Sermon Length: 25:03

September 16, 2018 “Live in Submission Part 1”

Summary: Christians are to “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Ephesians 5:21.  They are to have a lifestyle of humble, slave-like service to others, motivated by love and modeled by Christ.  Christians seek out opportunities to serve.  Furthermore, wives, willingly submit to your husband.  And, husbands have a responsibility to love and give of themselves to care for their wife.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians: 5 21-33

Sermon Length: 23:28

September 9, 2018 “Live Wisely Following the Spirit”

Summary: Are we living unexamined lives?  Are we living slowly enough to reflect on the big picture of life?  We are challenged to be very careful how we live because the stakes are high in the times we are living in.  Capitalize on the God given opportunities we have.  Reflect your love for Christ in humble, ordinary, loving ways.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5: 15-20

Sermon Length: 26:31