October 22, 2017 “Concerning the Wanderer”

Are we our brothers’ (and sisters’) keeper?  Are we to keep track of each other?  Yes!  If someone wanders from the Christian faith, and is not actively living for Christ, seek them out.  Help them come back to the truth.  The stakes are high because you are saving them from eternal spiritual death.  With an attitude of love (1 Peter 4:8), gentleness, and humility (Galatians 6:1), ask them some probing questions.
1.        What do you mean by that?  Seek to understand them and get their perspective.
2.       Where do you get your information?  Is it fact or opinion?
3.       How do they know that’s true?  In a kind way you’re asking them why you should believe them.
4.       What if you’re wrong?  Some issues and beliefs have lasting impact, especially our beliefs about God.
Use these questions to spark meaningful conversations!

Scripture Reading: James 5:19-20

Sermon Length – 24:30

October 15, 2017 “Oaths and Prayer”

At the end of James he talks about truthful speech and prayer for healing. Christians should maintain a high standard for truthfulness in all their speech. The face value of their words should be trustworthy.

If a Christian is sick or weak (in body, mind or spirit), they can ask church Elders and leaders for prayer and anointing with oil for healing, forgiveness and wholeness, God, in His sovereignty, decides how He will respond, but spirited wholeness should be our highest desire. Anointing and prayer for healing isn’t magic, it’s an act of obedience and faith in God.

Scripture Reading: James 5:12-18

Sermon Length – 36:23

October 8, 2017 “Patience in Suffering”

When you’ve been mistreated, James says , be patient, wait in calm, show self restraint instead of getting even. Be patient because the Lord’s return is near (James 5:8). While we wait we can develop the “quieter virtues” of submission, humility, patience, joyful endurance, and persistence in well-doing. Your struggle and suffering is not meaningless, every millisecond is shaping you (2 Corinthians 4:17). Wait persistently for your compassionate and merciful God to act. His coming is near. Endure until He comes.

Scripture Reading: James 5:7-11

Sermon Length – 30:39

October 1, 2017 “Gaining and Using Money”

What does it take for you and me to live with contentment? How much is enough? For the Apostle Paul, food and clothing was enough (1 Timothy 6:6-10). Being a Christian with money is a huge responsibility. Just living a respectable life is not enough. God wants more from us. He wants us to use our money for good, for others, and for God. Paul said God gave him the strength to live contentedly (Philippians 4:12-13) regardless of the circumstances. Pastor David Roper said, “Our task today is just to accept things as they are and to be content, knowing that in the love, wisdom, and providence of God this moment is a good as it can possibly be.”                                                   

Scripture Reading: James 5:1-16

Sermon Length – 23:12

September 24, 2017 “Getting Perspective”

Don’t leave God out. James has been emphasizing for us to not leave God out of our lives. In our inner tug-o-war with passions, desires and longings don’t settle for second best. Find your deepest joy and meaning in God. In our relationships with others, don’t pass judgment on them. God is the only One who can judge fairly. And in our own life, as we plan and set goals, submit all of them to God. He knows and controls the future. Live your life for God. Don’t leave Him out of anything.

Scripture Reading: James 4:11-17

Sermon Length – 24:54

September 17, 2017 “Core Desires”

We all have battling desires within ourselves, especially the desire for happiness. Those desires aren’t necessarily wrong, it’s how we satisfy those longings that is the key. Only God can satisfy those longings and desires. We’re commended to delight in the LORD (Psalms 37:4). We can be filled with joy in His presence  (Psalm 16:11). Humble yourself and submit to God. Depend on Him. Like a soldier submitting, lining up under, a commanding officer – submit to God. Don’t settle for 2nd best. Don’t settle for lesser pleasures. Who are you serving today? Is Christ the dominant theme of your life? Please don’t settle for 2nd best.

Scripture Reading: James 4:1-10

Sermon Length – 26:02

September 10, 2017 “Practical Wisdom”

What do you think of when you think of wisdom? A bearded old man? How about someone doing a kind deed? Wisdom, according to James, is seen in a good life and humble deeds (James 3:13). The overall character of a wise person is humble (strength under control), pure (able to bear God’s scrutiny), peace-loving (healing physicians not executioners), considerate (they exercise patience and love’s leniency), submissive (willing to yield to reason, open to instruction), full of mercy (always ready to help), impartial (thy don’t discriminate), and sincere (not acting or pretending). True wisdom is seen in a good life and humble deeds.

Scripture  Reading: James 3:13-18

Sermon Length – 19:13

September 3, 2017 “Taming The Tongue”

Likely the most dangerous weapon we all have is our tongue, our speech. The Bible describes it as a sword, a deadly poison and fire – having the power of life and death. How do we control our tongue?    1.) The ingredients for our speech come from within ourselves, so focus on your inner life, the source of those words, (Matthew 12:34-35). Store up true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy things on the shelves of your heart. 2.) Think before you speak, and ask “Is it true? Is it needful? And is it kind?”

Scripture  Reading: James 3:1-12

Sermon Length – 22:45

August 27, 2017 “Action-Producing Faith”

The reformer John Calvin said, “Faith alone can save but saving faith is never alone.” Living, breathing faith always shows evidence. Living faith involves all of life, every hour of every day. It’s complete openness to God, a readiness to let God have His way in us. Living faith is when we withdraw our resistance to His will. Try it. Surrender completely to God.

Scripture Reading: James 2:20-26

Sermon Length – 29:55