September 9, 2018 “Live Wisely Following the Spirit”

Summary: Are we living unexamined lives?  Are we living slowly enough to reflect on the big picture of life?  We are challenged to be very careful how we live because the stakes are high in the times we are living in.  Capitalize on the God given opportunities we have.  Reflect your love for Christ in humble, ordinary, loving ways.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5: 15-20

Sermon Length: 26:31

July 29,2018 “Ephesians: Sit, Walk, Stand!”

Ephesians: Sit, Walk, Stand!

Sit means to depend fully on Christ and rest in Him.  Your

identity is wrapped up in being an adopted child of God.

Walk means to live out that identity.  Walk worthy of your

high calling.

Stand means to hold your ground against forces of evil.

Sit, Ephesians 1-3

At one time you used to be dead.  Like a zombie, you were the walking dead, until God intervened.  In great love, rich mercy, and very generous grace (undeserved kindness) you were made alive.  You have Christ’s resurrected life in you right now.

In addition, you were an “outsider” in a very substantive way.  You didn’t have God’s revelation of Himself, and thus, you had no future and no hope.  But God brought the “outsiders” in, bridging the gap of separation by the blood of Christ.  Christ’s blood united you with God (vertically), and with all other Christians (horizontally).  Christ’s blood reconciled imperfect, still sinful, people to God and others. Hostility was put to death by the cross. No barrier is more significant than the blood of Christ that unites you, 2 Corinthians 5:18-19.  We have peace and friendship with God and all believers in Christ.  You are united and connected more than you may know or feel. Furthermore, we are being built into a holy temple, a place where people meet God.  God lives in you by His Spirit.

In Christ, believers are blessed, chosen (wanted & valued), predestined, adopted in love, accepted, redeemed, forgiven, enlightened, given an inheritance, sealed with the Holy Spirit’s guarantee, and assured.  You have been freed (redeemed/ransomed) from sins bondage.  You have a restored (reconciled) relationship with God.  You can know God personally and intimately.  The Holy Spirit is at work in your life right now, Ephesians 3:20, and He can do immeasurably more than all you can ask or imagine.  In other words, you were adopted into God’s family, you’re His workmanship, and written into the story of God’s grand plan for our world and the cosmos.

God is mending and putting everything back in its right place.  He is reconciling and uniting estranged people and all things under Christ so that all things praise God.  We live for something and Someone far greater than ourselves!  And, we have the resources of Christ’s incomparably great power to battle evil that would side track us from our purpose.

Spiritual beings (God – Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, Satan, good angels, and bad, fallen angels) inhabit the heavenly realm.  And, because we are in Christ and Christ is seated at His Father’s right hand, in some way we are also seated with Christ “up there” in the heavenlies.  The church, gathered Christians, makes God’s wisdom and glory known to these spiritual beings in the heavenly realms. And, the church will be revealing God’s glory throughout all generations and into eternity.  The church has unparalleled importance.

All of these things come from a God whose core character is love, 1 John 4:16.  As we come to know God deeply and intimately, we will experience His self-giving, serving love!

Sit, rest, soak in these truths that speak of who you are because of what Christ has done.  Come freely and confidently into God’s presence.  Try to grasp the scope of Christ’s love for you!

September 2, 2018 “Live in Love and Light”

Summary:  Using a clothing metaphor the Apostle Paul encourages us to put on behavior that reflects God and the sacrificial love of Jesus, Ephesians 5:1-2.  Furthermore, with the light of our godly example, we are to expose deeds done in darkness.  This means our life is to be as attractive and welcoming as the light coming on after a power outage.  Many people be attracted to the light of our grace and good deeds, Matthew 5:14-16.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 5: 1-14

Sermon Length: 23:35

August 26, 2018 “Christian Living: Put off or Put on”

Summary: Don’t show symptoms of Schizophrenia.  Don’t act like two different people.  Be the one person that you are in Christ.  Take off your old way of thinking and acting and put on a new mind with new behaviors.  Speak truthfully, be careful with your anger, and work hard so you can share with those in need.  Speak words that are helpful and encouraging, and act with kindness and compassion.

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 4: 17-32

Sermon Length: 23:05


August 12, 2018 “Who Do You Say That I Am” – Dale Freed

Who do you say that I am, not just with your mouth, but with your life? The church is a group of people who have been called out of sin, called out of paganism. This means you no longer live in sin, you leave that world behind you and now follow and obey God. We, as the church have a responsibility to reveal God’s love in the way we now live our lives. God’s living spirit flowing through us is like keys, giving us access, authority and power to go out and reach the world. Jesus supplies us with everything we need to go clean the world. You’ve got the goods – the question is are you all in?

Scripture: Matthew 16: 13-28

Sermon Length: 32:19


August 5, 2018 “Jesus Builds His Church”

Christianity, following Jesus, is not intended for spectators.  Every Christian has received a calling, Ephesians 4:1. Christ gives us grace (we do not need to be perfect), and gifts.  The gifts are used to build up the body of Christ.  Find ways, to serve and use your gifts (abilities, talents, interests) to promote unity around Christ and maturity in Christ.

Scripture: Ephesians 4:7-16

Sermon Length – 20:26

July 29, 2018 “Walk Worthy of your Calling”

After laying a solid theological foundation, the second half of Ephesians is all about how we live out these truths.  Paul’s opening challenge is to walk worthy of your calling – live out the implications of Ephesians 1-3.  How?  Live out your calling with the strength to humbly serve, and with patience that will bear with, endure, and put up with each other in love.  This implies the Christian life will have challenges.  Don’t run from the difficulties.  Make every effort to stay united!  Remember, it’s the blood of Christ that unites you.  Nothing is stronger than that.

Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-6

Sermon Length – 35:22

July 22, 2018 “A Deeper Experience of God”

What results when we come to know God more deeply? We come to know and experience love, because God is love, (1 John 4:16). God’s love is a self-giving, serving love. Try to grasp the scope of God’s love (Ephesians 3:18.) Rest in Christ’s love for you, soak it in!

Furthermore, know the Holy Spirit is at work in your life right now (Ephesians 3:20). He can do immeasurably more than all you ask or imagine!

Finally, gathered Christians, the church, gives glory to God. Failure to meet with other Christians is not a legitimate option. The church, imperfect as it is, will be revealing God’s wisdom, grace, love and power throughout all generations, and into eternity!

Scripture: Ephesians 3:14-21

Sermon Length – 29:34