April 22, 2018 ” Pursuing God” Dale Freed Series,

Four Core Christian Convictions, part 1  – There are four core Christian convictions. Conviction 1 is God has a kingdom. We enter God’s Kingdom by faith/trust in Jesus. Then, you’re adopted into God’s family and an heir to His Kingdom. Your Christian growth is a family matter. Everything you do is for God’s Kingdom. Conviction 2 is to live in a covenant relationship with God. Live in a deep purposeful, bond with Christ. Live in a loving relationship with the King of Kings.

Part 1 – Sermon Length – 35:29

Four Core Christian Convictions, part 2 – There are four Christian convictions. Conviction 3 is Christians have an anointing. God’s Holy Spirit has been poured out on us. We’ve been immersed in Him. The key question is does the Holy Spirit have all of us? Are you all in? Conviction 4 is you have spiritual authority. Satan only has the power you give him. What keeps you from exercising your spiritual authority? What is dividing your heart? The enemy wants to destroy you, or at least keep you dull and lukewarm. You don’t have to yield to the enemy

Part 2 – Sermon Length – 50:50