May 20, 2018 “A Second Chance”

Jonah got a 2nd chance to obey God, but he still didn’t like his assignment to preach to the hated, cruel Assyrians. In spite of his attitude, the people of Nineveh turned/repented and changed their sinful ways. God worked through their pagan beliefs in omens and multiple deities to turn them to the true God. And God also worked through half-hearted, reluctant Jonah. For us today, obey God. If all you can do is obey reluctantly, still obey, and seek to obey wholeheartedly.

Scripture Reading – Jonah 3:1 – 4:1

Sermon Length – 28:47

May 13, 2018 “Reluctant Obedience”

God wanted Jonah to reach out to the cruel and brutal Assyrians by having him preach to their capital city of Nineveh. Jonah tried to sail away from God’s plans for him, but God caused a storm to nearly sink the ship. Jonah was thrown into the sea to try to calm the storm. Jonah’s life was spared by being swallowed by a huge fish. After that ordeal he reluctantly went to Nineveh. The good news for us all is God can and will use even reluctant obedience.

Scripture Reading – Jonah 2:1-10

Sermon Length – 29:33

May 6, 2018 “Running From God”

God thinks and acts differently than we do. He wanted Jonah to reach out to the cruel and brutal Assyrian nation by having Jonah preach to their capital city of Nineveh. Jonah hated the Assyrians so much he would rather live in exile, or die, than to bring hope to the hated Assyrians. By the end of chapter 1, the bright spot in the story were the sailors who severed and worshiped the LORD, the God of Heaven. Learn from Jonah. Don’t trifle with God! He can get your attention if he wants to!

Scripture Reading – Jonah 1:1-17

Sermon Length – 31:19

April 29, 2018 “Strain Toward the Goal”

Being a Christian means that Jesus is your Savior from sin and Lord of your life. As godly a man as the apostle Paul was, he still pressed on to be more like Christ. His number one focus was to be like Christ. To that end, he strained with all his might, energy, concentration and focus. Do we value Christ that much? Value changes, and increases, with a personal connection. Be so connected and in love with Christ that we want nothing more than to be like Him.

Scripture Reading – Philippians 3:12-16

Sermon Length – 22:36

April 23 & 24, 2018 “Pursuing God” Dale Freed Series

Pursing Intimacy with Jesus, part 1-God wants to be in the center of your life, just like the Tabernacle was in the center of the Israelite nation. Moreover, we can enter the most holy place of the Tabernacle, we can enter into the presence of God, because of Jesus. Faith in Jesus carries us into the presence of God. Enter without trying to cover up your sin. Don’t pretend with God.

Part 1- Sermon Length 54:52

Pursing Intimacy with Jesus, part 2-Just like the Tabernacle was a portable worship place, God wants to go with His people wherever they go. Central to the Tabernacle was the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark was a fancy box which symbolized the human heart. What’s in the box? 1. Manna, representing God supplying our needs. Don’t be selfish. Depend on God. 2. Aaron’s rod that budded, representing God’s authority. You have no place to demand your way with God. 3. The 10 Commandments representing God’s moral standards. Covering the box is the atonement cover, the mercy seat, the throne of grace. God wants to deal with our heart, the core of our being. Obeying God is key.

Part 2-Sermon Length 108:24

April 22, 2018 ” Pursuing God” Dale Freed Series,

Four Core Christian Convictions, part 1  – There are four core Christian convictions. Conviction 1 is God has a kingdom. We enter God’s Kingdom by faith/trust in Jesus. Then, you’re adopted into God’s family and an heir to His Kingdom. Your Christian growth is a family matter. Everything you do is for God’s Kingdom. Conviction 2 is to live in a covenant relationship with God. Live in a deep purposeful, bond with Christ. Live in a loving relationship with the King of Kings.

Part 1 – Sermon Length – 35:29

Four Core Christian Convictions, part 2 – There are four Christian convictions. Conviction 3 is Christians have an anointing. God’s Holy Spirit has been poured out on us. We’ve been immersed in Him. The key question is does the Holy Spirit have all of us? Are you all in? Conviction 4 is you have spiritual authority. Satan only has the power you give him. What keeps you from exercising your spiritual authority? What is dividing your heart? The enemy wants to destroy you, or at least keep you dull and lukewarm. You don’t have to yield to the enemy

Part 2 – Sermon Length – 50:50

April 8, 2018 “Pursuing God: Get Ready, Get Set …” Dale Freed

The First Steps in a Lifestyle of Pursuit. We need faith like Zacchaeus, or like Nicodemus. We must be born again, born anew, a second birth, a “spiritual birth” that comes from the heavens. We must become a “new creation” in Christ, having faith as a core belief in the unseen kingdom.  The posture of a believer is always leaning forward, always wanting to know more. You will have no hunger for more if you have no life in the spirit. So begin by being born again, being made alive in the kingdom of God.

Scripture: Luke 19: 1-10

Sermon Length – 33:37

April 1, 2018 “Easter Nonsense and Madness”

What The church did not come to believe the resurrection easily. They had to overcome strong doubts. The church was created because of the undeniable proof of the resurrection. This means, death is not the end. This brief life is not all there is. The resurrected Lord Jesus is worthy to be trusted, worshipped and followed – followed as if your life and future depends on it … because it does.

Scripture: Luke 24:1-12

Sermon Length – 21:63, 8:00  AM Service

Sermon Length – 25:33, 10:30 AM Service

March 25, 2018 “10 Commandment Summary”

Engraved On Your Heart, Exodus 20:1-17

Love God, Matthew 22:37

  1. Love the one true God with all your heart, soul, and mind, Deuteronomy 6:5!  God is personal, relational, unlike any other, and God is for you, Romans 8:31-32.
  1. Don’t settle for a counterfeit, a worthless substitute, of God.  God’s best for us is Himself, Isaiah 6:1-5! Anything, or anyone, more important than God is an idol, Exodus 34:13-14.
  1. Honor and reverence, in words and actions, God’s name – all that He stands for, Philippians 2:9-11.  If you’re a Christian you bear the same family name,  2 Chronicles 7:14; Romans 8:16-17.
  1. Every week, have a day of God-centered rest.  Rest does not exclude acts of kindness, Mark 3:3-5.  God has a reasonable claim on your time.

Love Others, Matthew 22:39

  1. Loving others starts at home with children honoring and obeying parents, and parents loving and respecting their children, and teaching the next generation to love God, Ephesians 6:1- 4.  Honor authority – it’s God given, Romans 13:1.
  1. Value life. Life is a gift from God, Acts 17:24-25, and  all people are made in God’s image, Genesis 9:6.  Don’t murder with a weapon, with slander, with anger in your  heart, or by withholding the basics for life, Matthew 5:22-24; 25:42-43; Psalm 139:13-16.  Value people!
  1.     Protect what’s beautiful and guard what you care about.  Keep the joy of sexual intimacy in marriage, between a man and a woman,       1 Corinthians 7:2-5. Marriage is the context for the full expression of our sexuality, Ephesians 5:3; Matthew 5:28
  1. Three principles help us understand the 8th command to not steal.  One, God owns all property and people, Psalm 24:1. Two, gain property by honest means, Exodus 20:15. Three, be a good steward of all you have been entrusted with, Malachi 3:8.  Be honest and unselfish in all            your dealings with others…including God.
  1. Be truthful in all of life, because God is all about truth, Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18.  Avoid lies, respect private matters, speak well of others, and speak out against evil.   
  1. Coveting is an inordinate desire, a passion, for something you do not have.  The alternative to coveting is contentment.  Contentment is being satisfied with what we have and grateful to God for His provision, Philippians 4:12-13.

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